Some Facts About Portable Air Conditioners

While a single fan only stirs hot air, an air conditioner cools and removes hot air by lowering the humidity and simultaneously reducing the feeling of a heavy atmosphere. The ideal temperature is between 65F and 70F with a relative humidity of 50%. This is what we call the “comfort zone”: the conditions in which mind and body work best. Each significant increase in heat and / or humidity may have an immediate negative effect on our well-being.

The purification of the air is also important for a healthy indoor air. This is more enjoyable for everyone, but especially for those suffering from respiratory problems and allergies.

A portable air conditioner is the ideal solution if you want quick results. In addition, you can use it in different places: plug the device, place the drain pipe to the outside and your air conditioner is ready for use. The effect is immediate. Especially because you can use your portable air conditioner exactly where you need it.

The next generation devices contain a triple-layer filter, through which ambient air passes about 3 times per hour. A screen filter traps larger particles from the air. An electrostatic filter then retains the very small particles that cause most allergic reactions. For example, pollen, pet dander and bacteria. An activated carbon filter absorbs unpleasant odors. The effectiveness of this filter is 80%. Of course, to maintain this level, the filters must be changed or cleaned regularly.

Which power to choose for your air conditioner?

The power expresses the ability of the device to lower the temperature. The higher it is, the more we can expect a rapid and significant cooling. lg dual inverter ac 1 ton To determine the most suitable power, you need to have a study of your room done (size, insulation, heat generated by electrical appliances, etc.), and of your environment (average temperature).

For the reversible models – those able to transform themselves into winter-heating devices -, the characteristics also include a heating power. It expresses the amount of heat the unit is capable of delivering. This data should not be overlooked. Indeed, for an equal heat production, reversible air conditioners use much less energy than traditional heating methods. The more power you need for heating, the more you save. This may offset the cost in electricity caused by the cooling function in summer.

The real power consumption is an average which evaluates the consumption of the air conditioner under normal circumstances. This data should be considered carefully, as it allows you to estimate the cost of using the device over the long term.